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The Traits of an Experienced Film Composer

Film Composer - Dom Kelly
Film Composer

An experienced composer for film music is not just great customizing the piece that suits your craft. He/she also possesses certain additional skills that make it easier for you with them. They understand that how many years you have invested in the project. This is why they don’t disagree with you on most of the aspects. In fact, they put in extra efforts to understand the scene, so that something better can be delivered.

They also don’t feel irritated if the filmmaker isn’t fully satisfied and asks for changes. Whatever the director tells them is taken seriously. These are signs of maturity in this domain.

Talking about technical expertise, their understanding isn’t limited to composing the music tracks. They are aware of the crucial aspects of editing, which include sample rates, hit points, and frame rates. The composers know it very well that these factors ensure that their piece will sync perfectly with the picture. And filmmakers don’t have to put in a lot of efforts during the music editing stage. And these composers are also aware of the frequency range of different instruments. This minimizes the chances of frequency range conflicts.

Choosing a film or television composer with these qualities eases a lot of work. One such experienced professional, Dominic Kelly, also believes in satisfying his clients by delivering precisely as per the needs.

As you visit his website, you will be welcomed by his motto “Realizing my client’s musical vision is what drives me.” Read more about this television composer from Los Angeles:

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