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Films lose their essence without music

You can create plenty of effects in your film or TV series with the help of music. The Los Angeles-based film music composers can help you in the process.

If you want to analyze the impact of music in films, take the examples of classics like Back To the Future and The Breakfast Club. Their respective theme songs “The Power of Love” and “Don’t You Forget About Me” are still remembered by the fans. Another example is the final scene of Star Wars. You can easily find a video clip of this scene online without the music by John Williams. The scene looks awkward and even funny if you are watching it without music. Another example is that of Extraterrestrial. In this flick, too, the climax looks boring and irritating if you are viewing it sans music.

Talking specifically about sports films, the music in such dramas is used to emphasize the essential moments. This usually happens near the ending. That sense of achievement experienced by the player can be shared with the audience by adding a track that gives goosebumps.

You can contact Dominic Kelly if you are also searching someone to make your videos more impactful with the help of good tracks. Go through the previous works of this film composer from LA in films and TV series: For all your queries, give a call at this number: 310-266-5922. You can also check the music library to get royalty free music.

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