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Score & Source Music: Television

Searching the right musical track for a TV series can be stressful. It is not easy to find a composer for television that understands your needs in detail and creates something that goes with the scene perfectly. Dominic Kelly, a well-known television composer from Los Angeles, California, understands these challenges by TV series producers and music supervisors. He listens to the needs of the creative team in detail and creates something that resonates with the scene.

Television Composer Los Angeles CA

You can expect him to create a musical piece that invokes nostalgia, suspense, joy, melancholy, psychological tension, or any other emotion. Dominic Kelly has crafted and licensed countless tracks for one of the most popular TV series, NCIS for fourteen seasons. He has also composed and licensed music for its popular spin-off, NCIS New Orleans, for four seasons. Other popular TV series with which Dom has had music featured include: Botched, Wicked Tuna, Millionaire Matchmaker, and Fast n Loud.

If you want to browse existing music tracks available, then you can visit the library created by Dominic. The catalog contains music from more than 20 styles and genres. You can also choose search vocal and instrumental tracks as per your needs. For licensing info of each track, simply fill out an online form that you will find while browsing through the library.

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