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Music in films unites the spectators

Why do we feel that music is necessary for a film? Why do we need a film music composer? Do you need music even for documentaries or short films? Well, the answer to these questions is a BIG YES. If me saying so doesn’t convince you then here’s a list of roles that music and music composer plays in a film.

1. Creating Atmosphere & Portraying Emotions

If someone isn’t understanding what you are saying, then we explain it to them by either repeating the sentence or by putting it in different words or tone. This isn’t possible in films, as actors or anyone can’t step out to explain. Music helps simplifies this task and supports the actors. It helps the audience to feel the action. Just expressions might not be enough in most of the cases. Music tells you whether it is a sad scene or a happy one and so on.

2. Make Unreal Sounds Like Real

Emotions like horror, nightmares, and situations of shock, surprise, or being paralyzed can be easily translated with the help of right music. Music can surely enhance the emotions and make the experience more stimulating for the audience.

3. Emotionally Uniting the Spectators

Songs and music can induce a collective emotion into the audience. The most common examples reflecting it are national anthems, hymns and spiritual songs. You have seen people feeling united in the emotion of patriotism and devotion due to this music. Crowd applauding a hero after a fight scene or a battle is a collective feeling that can be induced by music.

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