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Is there any difference between television and film music?


Both television and films consider #music as an integral part. In both of these mediums, music helps set up the atmosphere. It also takes the story forward and in some cases give a clue about what type of thing is about to happen on screen. Imagine a mystery movie without any score. We are sure that it will look bland to you. Same goes for TV series. This is the reason TV series producers look for the finest television composers in Los Angeles, California.

But, how much is the music of these two mediums different?

Sometimes, a single melody is sufficient to carry an entire film. This isn’t a case with television. The music has to be evolved. It will, otherwise, start to irritate the viewers. They might feel that there isn’t any freshness in the show, especially if has less radical changes in terms of plot. This especially happens when an individual is a binge-watching a show.

There is another major difference. The television shows require the makers to add some music before the commercials and after coming back. This is something not applicable to the movies. This line is getting blurred with the infectious popularity of shows on #video streaming services like #Netflix and #Amazon Prime.

Another difference is related to the deadlines. You can expect a bit delay in #film music. There is buffer time in this case. But, the #television doesn’t compromise in terms of duration. You need to deliver as per the deadline.

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