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How Music Enhances The Comedic Elements of a Movie

Whether it is a mystery or a science fiction drama, every film genre requires music to elevate the mood of the scene being presented onscreen. If we specifically talk about the comedy genre, it is difficult to imagine a movie without a proper soundtrack. Just check some classics by Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, and you will know precisely what we are saying. A renowned composer of film music can offer you multitudes of such examples.

For a light-hearted comedy, something poppy and fun goes well with the atmosphere. A fun and loud music also reflect the excitement of a person. In some flicks, a character is not doing much action, perhaps due to shock or surprise. For such scenes, fast jazzy rhythm and loud drums can be used to reflect the state of mind of that character.

It is sometimes okay to go over the top if your funny scene demands it. You need not always remain subtle, as it is not a serious drama. A lot of musicians and filmmakers also suggest the use of uncommon musical instruments get unique and colourful results. For example, using traditional Mongolian flutes can give a break from clichéd music used in this genre.

It often becomes challenging for the filmmakers and television series producers to find composers that can meet the demands of a specific genre. Well, you can trust Dominic Kelly, a music producer from Los Angeles, with an impressive portfolio. Listen to the music he has composed for popular TV series and films in the past from here:

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