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Ensure that music in your video doesn’t lead to fatigue

It is very easy to fall prey to the wall-to-wall music in the video. This means not keeping gaps between the music pieces. If you don’t utilize the power of silence, your viewers will feel fatigued after some time. This results in loss of impact that the filmmaker expects from music.

Experienced television composers from Los Angeles, California will always advise you to use music as a tool for story-telling and not merely an accessory. It’s equally important that you use the melodic tracks sparingly. Too much of its presence in your video distracts the viewers, something you would never want. You can use melodic content to your advantage for montage-like sequences.

A common mistake made by some video editors is cluttering the mix. They don’t lower the music during narrations and dialogs. This makes it difficult for the viewers to listen to the conversations clearly. You don’t want the music to distract, but to integrate seamlessly with the video. Weed out sounds that you feel are less relevant. Listen to the tracks of other popular TV series and videos to get a better idea regarding the same. Also, keep analyzing the music in your video from the viewer’s point of view. Take breaks from your video, and watch and listen with fresh eyes and ears.You will gain new perspective each time you sit back down to what your video with the music and sound effects. Don’t stop until you feel that the video and sound look to be an integral part of each other.

If you are searching television or film music composer in Los Angeles that can do justice with your project, hire Dominic Kelly. With plenty of renowned projects in his portfolio, Dominic has crafted memorable tracks in the past. Listen to some of them here:

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