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A Good Film Music Composer Can Help Create Unreal Situations

If a film music composer is needed for your next project, Dominick Kelly is a professional you can trust. With an impressive range of pre-recorded tracks and years of expertise related to film and television music, he knows how to match the expectations of the clients.

A talented composer, like Dom, can help the director create unreal situations onscreen. The music can be utilized to show situations or shock or nightmare scenes. A nice track can also be used to add fantasy elements in a video.

The right music can also be strategically used to manipulate the audience. No, we are not talking about propaganda movies. This strategy can be applied to the mystery or thrillers while portraying a character as a good guy who is actually a villain. The music can play a key role in hiding the real motives of the character until the end or whenever deemed right as per the script. There is a possibility that the audience might start guessing the true character, but they might be directed to think otherwise through the right compositions.

Other ways the music can be used in a movie or other video formats are for slapstick moments of a comedy movie or grim situations of a crime drama.

But, as discussed earlier, you should hire only someone with years of expertise and passion for music. If a film music composer is wanted for your next project, contact Dom with your requirements. Read more about his past works from here:

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