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Tips for Using Non-Diegetic Music in Your TV Series or Film

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Non-Diegetic Music in Your TV Series or Film

If you have purchased stock music from a music producer, Los Angeles, it is necessary that you should know the proper use of it. Here, we are focusing on the utilization of non-diegetic music in different forms of video.

Before offering the tips, let’s first understand what non-diegetic music is. Any type of music that exists outside the characters’ realm, which means they can’t hear it. It is simply for enhancing the impact of a scene. As promised, we will now focus on the ways of using it.

There should be a smooth transition

If a music track starts suddenly in a scene, it can distract the viewers. Instead of focusing on the scene as a whole, they will start giving attention mainly to the music. A slow fade in, a quick change of scene, or a dramatic revelation can act as a cue for music to begin.

Make sure it’s mixed properly within the other audio

In some cases, music overpowers the dialogs due to which the viewers are unable to hear what the characters are saying. Be careful when managing the volume level of every audio clip you have to include.

Use it to fill the voids

Keep it minimal so that on-screen action remains undisrupted. This is mainly an advice for documentary filmmakers. But, can also be applied to some big-budgeted projects.

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