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Avoid These Mistakes When Using Music in Your TV Series or a Film

Whether you have selected a track from a music library or have hired a composer for television, it is necessary that you remain cautious while using the music in your TV series. More often than not, the makers of the films and TV series commit some mistakes, which kill the purpose of using the music.

To make sure you utilize the music effectively, we have discussed some common mistakes you should avoid.

Adding loud music

It is a common mistake that new filmmakers commit. Extremely loud music can reduce the impact of the dialogs in a scene. In some cases, the viewers can’t even listen to the dialogs. No doubt music is central to some scenes, but you shouldn’t do it in every scene.

Not having a theme

Just think of a popular TV series of recent times, and you can easily recall the theme song of it. A theme score is equally important for TV and films. A viewer should be humming the theme even after he/she has watched the show or film. This is also essential from the promotional point of view.

Fighting the natural sound

While mixing the sound, the composers and filmmakers often turn the sound into something completely new. In most of the cases, sticking to the natural sound without going ‘crazy’ does the job.

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