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Music Producer Los Angeles CA

Are you searching for an accomplished music composer & producer in Los Angeles, California? If so, connect with Dominic Kelly. He is the professional composer behind hundreds of instrumental and vocal music tracks featured on the NCIS, and NCIS New Orleans, Dateline, Wicked Tuna, Botched, Fast & Loud TV series. He has also composed original music for feature films and feature documentaries and many other cable television shows. music producer los angeles ca

No matter what the genre of original music you are looking for, you can trust Dominic. You can trust Dominic to focus on YOUR vision for the scenes and to focus on maximizing the emotional impact of the scenes. Dominic will strive to create something authentic and magical, that perfect fit that gives the viewers the feeling that the visuals and the music were always meant to go together.

Music Composer Los Angeles CA

What differentiates Dominic from other music composers in LA is that he dependable, efficient, fast, experienced, and will deliver high quality production music authentic to any style, and is always open to feedback and revisions.

You can listen to the production music library that will meet your production music needs. Our library features genres like electronic suspense & action, blues rock, country rock, acoustic pop vocals, hip-hop tension, electronic dance music, classic rock, to name a few.

So, if you need to find a music composer that is accomplished in the industry, and will put your needs first, you know who to contact. Check some sample tracks on this page that were part of NCIS series. Dominic also offers one complimentary custom music track for his new clients.

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